September 2016

Ransomware Alert! ODIN – A new variant of Locky Ransomware

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A new variant of the infamous Locky Ransomware has been observed in the wild. It’s called Odin. This variant appends the extension .odin to the files it encrypts with new ransom note filenames. This ransomware is being spread via spam emails that carry a malicious WSF Script attachment. How Odin...

Hackers Launching Multiple Attacks using One Email

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What makes cybercriminals more notorious is that they do not stay idle. They keep themselves busy in improving their game and formulating newer methods to trap their preys. A case in point is a recent observation made by Quick Heal Labs where attackers are using a new open source exploit...

Update your Quick Heal Total Security App for Enhanced Security

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This is an advisory for users of the Quick Heal Total Security App. Starting from 1st October 2016, versions of this app that are older than (2.01.063) will stop supporting the Parental Control feature. To continue using this feature, updating to the latest version is necessary. More importantly, this version...

Older Versions of Quick Heal to end support for the Parental Control feature

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This is an important advisory for our users about the Parental Control feature that comes with Quick Heal Internet Security and Quick Heal Total Security. Starting from 1st October 2016, some older versions of these two products will stop supporting Parental Control. Read the rest of the post for more...

5 Things that Show you’re Sharing too Much Information Online

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It’s easier for predatory animals (lions, wolves, bears, hawks, etc.) to hunt their preys on open grounds with fewer or no places to hide. And this scenario is no different for us when we are online. The moment we get on the Internet, we place ourselves on a hunting patch...

Alert! Ransomware is Being Spread through the Ammyy Admin Website

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This is a precautionary advisory for users who frequently visit the website of the popular remote desktop sharing software called Ammyy Admin. Quick Heal Labs has observed that a new variant of the Cerber3 Ransomware is being spread through the Ammyy Admin software on the official Ammyy Admin website. This...

Be Careful of the KMSPico Activator – It could be a Ransomware!

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If you are using KMSPico Activator for activating your Windows or MS Office, then you could be risking yourself to a ransomware infection. Quick Heal Threat Research Labs has recently observed a new variant of ransomware called Domino that is using this activator as a carrier. The malware encrypts the...